Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry
Your purchase supports education for orphans in Uganda through charity and ministry

Herbal Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

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This is an Advanced Herbal Eczema and Psoriasis Cream that is an effective remedy for Eczema and Psoriasis.

This is an Advanced Herbal Eczema and Psoriasis Cream that is an effective remedy for Eczema and Psoriasis.

It is refined from a selection of superior Chinese herbs.

It is used to heal acute or chronic dermatitis, Eczema, Foot Fungal infection, Psoriasis, Peeling, Blister Feet, Itchy Feet, Mosquito bites, Hemorrhoids, Prickly heat itchy skin.

Clean the affected areas and then apply a pea size, 2-3 times a day. In order to prevent a recurrence, the herbal cream needs to be continuously used for up to 2 weeks after symptoms disappear.

Bitter [Sophorae flavescentis radix]1.5%(wiw), 100 Ste monae radix]0.5%(w/w), coriander (Cnidii fructus]3%(w/w), borneol [Born eolum syntheticnm]2%(w/w), menthol [L-Metho1]0.5%(w/w), kozolenic acid 0.1-1.1%(w/w), etc.

Reviews for Herbal Eczema and Psoriasis Cream

    Zain ul Abdeen

    - Pakistan

    Flora Mense

    - Netherlands
    It cleared eczema in 3 days. Highly recommendable.

    Sophie Sambo

    - South Africa
    Finaly my daughter skin is healed, thanks you to you. I highly recommended it.

    Maryam Gilani

    - UAE
    Quick effectiveness

    Damalie Faith

    - Ghana
    My son got clear skin in 3 days. Your customer service is the best. why I love to always buy from you

    Jolla Tee

    - UK
    I saw this cream on Neostasi snapchat and decided to try it on my son. I'm glad that I did. His skin healed in just one week after having eczema for 3 years. Thank you Neostasi.

    Julie Poston

    - US
    If you haven't used this cream, i don't know what you are waiting for. My house was a place of skin problems until I met Neostasi.
    My daughter has had eczema since she was 2 and she is now 15 but this cream cleared eczema in one week and I was shocked. We decided to continue using it and she is now free of eczema in only one month after years of pain. I can't thank you enough. This is a miracle cream.

    Mpolokeng Irene

    - South Africa
    Highly recommended.

    Kelley Miller

    - United Kingdom
    I swear by this stuff. My kids both have eczema and boom it cleared up.

    Jamie Campbell

    - United States of America
    Mine just arrived today redness and itchyness has definitely reduced in a matter of hours.

    Christian Shane

    - United Kingdom
    It worked for me, my psoriasis on feet used this for two weeks and totally cleared up years and years I have been suffering x

    Kate Porter

    - United Kingdom
    It cleared my bad dermatitis in 3 days and I have tried everything for years. Recommended to friends and works amazing for them to! Xx

    Tracy Smith

    - United Kingdom
    Had really bad psoriasis on feet used this for two weeks and totally cleared up years i was suffering. X

    Susan Adhika

    - Brazil
    Best herbal cream i ever tried 100% satisfaction!!! I got my pure skin back in a week!! Thank you guys!!

    Mark Treannie

    - US
    I used this for almost 5 years and it is unbelievable. Takes a few days after application to kick in but when it does, it is great.

    Chi Chu

    - US
    Been using this for few days and i can say it is brilliant cleared up my arms and stop that itching you wana scratch the hell out or run hot water on it. Thank you 👍

    Calle Swede

    - Norway
    Had a rush for 15 years on my leg 4-5 applikations its gone 🙏

    Shauna Hamlet

    - United Kingdom
    I struggled with psoriasis until i came across this cream on tiktok Neostasi page. In three days, the paid had disappeared. I instantly ordered 10 more pieces it has been 7 months and i have never had that paid again. I recommend this beyond words.

    Amran Ghani

    - United States of America
    My daughter got eczema since she was born and it’s been 8 years she been using cream and medication from the clinic it doesn’t help much.
    My daughter still stretch using her fingers nail and end up bleed all over her body.
    Now she is 8 year old and I bought this wonderful cream and applied to her eczema slowly it heal!!!!!!!!
    I am totally grateful to this cream!!!

    Lisa Cooley

    - Kuwait
    I bought this not expecting it to work and let me tell you it does....I have been on every prescription cream you can imagine. So happy with this product thank you!

    Angelique Millet Ramos

    - United States of America
    This is really working i have psoriasis for a years when i was starting using this is started fading until its totally gone… Im really happy i discover this…

    Gem Heaney

    - United Kingdom
    It's a miracle cream only thing I've used in 35 years that actually heals psoriasis highly recommended ♥️

    Caroline Mechan

    - United Kingdom
    I use this cream for psoriasis and it clears it up in no time it's absolutely amazing

    Lekht Sasha

    - Netherlands
    This cream is the best treatment for psoriasis. Cleared my scalp psoriasis is 3 weeks. Can't recommend it enough!

    Amanda Kerr

    - South Africa
    Works miraculously for psoriasis! I am so grateful and happy that I tried this.

    Bumpy Valentin

    - Finland
    I use the product and so far it's working. We shall see.

    Karen Laugle-Smith

    - Pakistan
    My grandson has eczema he's 3 1/2, we use this product and his eczema is gone.
    We have tried many creams, lotions and steroids. This is the only thing that worked.
    We love it.

    Neil O Meachair

    - Sweden
    I have purchased this product due to eczema and it is absolutely 💯 phenomenal.

    Gerald Bernard

    - South Africa
    I have spent hundreds on itch relief cream, tried this and itching and inflammation have gone within a matter of a couple of weeks. Absolutely fantastic, highly recommended.

    April Josh White

    - Canada
    I just ordered 2 tubes and in two days, i already have relief

    Vershell Creighton

    - South Africa
    This cream is awesome and it work I have purchased 12 tubes and just order 4 more today a must buy 💋

    Valerie Rampton

    - Qatar
    My son has had excema since a baby has used everything. This is the only cream that actually works.

    Anna Kulikowski

    - South Africa
    Very good cream I recommend it. I bought 3 tubes already.

    Susan Watson

    - United States of America
    Only product l have used that really works

    Ashim Ghosh

    - Spain
    My hole body hand and legs are psoriasis and only this one product was very good. I clear all in one week

    Lara Cowan Whelan

    - France
    This cream really does work. Must apply twice a day but does a great job

    Gijs Brands

    - Japan
    I've used it for my psoriasis and it's finally gone and quite fast too! For the biggest spot on my elbow it took a month and the smaller spots within a week. Finally no more itchy spots and red skin. Thank you very much!

    Misty Lee Karunakar

    - United States of America
    We ordered this for our daughter who's 13 yrs old who has really has excema and really dry skin on her elbows and hands etc. She had only used the cream for 2 days. Started it Tues night (just hands and elbow's) and yesterday and today. She's applying 3 times a day evening , and morning and afternoon. It's amazing. It's working. She gets this tinglingly feeling when it's on and doesn't hurt. And only after a one application it's working. I didn't even take a before photo bc it worked so fast. I took some after the first use.

    Michelle Pickard

    - Norway
    We buy this for my son, his hands use to bleed they would crack and now he rarely even needs it. It works great!

    Dóra Gödöllei

    - Sweden
    I have real bad eczema on my hands... Very small but hundreds of blisters appers all of the sudden, gets so swollen and itches!! Itches so badly, cannot handle it, like i just want to cut my hands off really! In this year my eczema was out,every day!!nothing helped, only steroid creams but long as i stopped using it after a week, came back on the next day! I have eczema ever since.... this cream is a magic! One of my friend recommended, i just saw this advert, i thought must say, worth to try! I tried hundreds of creams nothing helped but this! 🙂 wish you guys itchless nights!

    Maribel Montgomery

    - Canada
    Thank you for this cream, my daughter's eczema has been cleared. This is legit from Calgary Canada

    Bernz Javien

    - Trinidad
    Best medication..i cant believe . For almost 2years searching medication..but this is real cream to cure Psoriasis ..Thank for this medicine cream!!

    Joan Kempa

    - Uganda
    I can honestly say this I the only cream that has ever work for my psoriasis highly recommended 👌

    Haider Aqeel

    - United Arab Emirates
    I bought it eczema and I put it few days and now not even using it it works great

    Nik Smith

    - Norway
    The cream works on my sons hands, just wish they sold it in bigger tubes.

    Anne Marit Strand

    - Denmark
    This is the best cream I’ve experiensed. It heals everything from insectbites,to wounds,to exeme,acne,wounds and sourness in private areas(because of menopause) I am usually sceptic,but I am glad I ordered the cream.😍Thank you

    Kiran Ham

    - Thailand
    My partner uses this and we have noticed a big change! It's just a shame it only comes in one size which is a tiny tube, would be better to have bigger options!!!

    Rowena Villarreal

    - United Arab Emirates
    I just received my order the other day for my husband for his psoriasis. His is really bad but it is working already after 3 times using it

    Gisele Kaltiainen

    - Sweden
    I use it and it works. I’ve used do many other products and none work like this on

    Michele Charron

    - Indonesia
    It works!!! I told my ex about this stuff his skin is very bad he itches it so much it bleeds!! This stuff has changed his life I was so glad I could help him out

    Sheila Emmons

    - Australia
    I have been using this for about 4 days. I have to say that my Eczema has disappeared . I have not had any luck with this condition in years.

    Brian Rokita

    - United Kingdom
    I thought I would give this stuff a try after seeing these posts. Came in the mail rather quickly and I used it two days and the eczema on my face is already gone. Blew my mind. If you’re on the fence about it, buy one bottle like I did, just to give it a try. You’ll be glad you did

    Alison Haynes

    - United Kingdom
    Everything seemed to fail until i used this cream. Yes and yes it works

    Kippy Georges

    - Thailand
    For 3 years.ive put up with pain in my hands,and fingers tips,peeling skin,itchy palms and small like paper cuts on my fingers.Drs have.nt helped.but this cream is doing better then any other I've tried.

    Olga Deagh

    - South Africa
    It really works

    Chimamanda Dough

    - South Africa
    Fantastic cream 25 years I had eczema and it's gone

    Shajibun Nessa

    - Qatar
    its good it works

    James Nzimorah

    - Netherlands
    An absolutely brilliant product,, definitely recommend

    Lisa Cameron

    - Switzerland
    This cream is amazing my eczema has cleared up totally...amazing cream

    Chris Koenig

    - Japan
    This stuff really works its amazing

    Abid Ali

    - Pakistan
    This cream is jus magic

    Elisabeth Taylor

    - United Kingdom
    I'm very happy with it. Less than a week and my scalp is so much better.

    Marcus Fernandes

    - Kuwait
    Very effective product and fast delivery

    Pamala Harp

    - United States of America
    This stuff is a miracle cream...Make it in a 5 gallon bucket please and the delivery is very fast.

    Karen Adams Smith

    - United Kingdom
    Iv had this and got to say it worked on me iv just ordered another one just to have in house 4 just in case x
    If i could give 7 star, i would do so.....very fast delivery too

    Lou Lee

    - United Kingdom
    I love this cream. I just ordered 4 more and i think they will be here in 3 days.

    Maria Leonora

    - New Zealand
    It works with my daughter’s psoriasis.

    Wayne Maguire

    - Netherlands
    This cream it's great xx

    Cindy Singh

    - United Arab Emirates
    I bought three.. the delivery was so fast. Thank you so much

    Nillas Panganiban Neeruam

    - India
    Very good product

    Navedi Kamini

    - United States of America
    It good product, very good service and fast delivery.. more than 5 star for sure

    Boualem Aissaoui

    - United Arab Emirates
    I thought the price was high espcially for the shipping but when i used the cream for 4 days, i immediately bought 4 more just incase the soraisis comes back to my skin.

    Motena Tina

    - Zambia
    Highly recommend the cream and the service. My delivery was so fast.

    Nydia Noche

    - Philippines
    Very good product and fast delivery

    Nad So

    - Philippines
    Very effective and fast delivery

    June Moon

    - Netherlands
    Worked for me! Scalp psoriasis in 3 days I saw and FELT a difference!!!

    Lavina Naulu Quie

    - Australia
    Im in Australia, i ordered mine and it came. I have been using it for 1 week. IT WORKS 😍 my eczema patch is almost gone after a year of constant scratching.

    Marie Fowler

    - United States of America
    Was so skeptical but have been using for a little over a week now for my severe psoriasis & it has helped so much. There is almost no redness or flaking anymore! Just wish it was available in a larger size

    Tony Romano

    - Spain
    I have 9 or 10 different salves & creams for psoriasis 2 are prescription I bought a tube of this product about 10 days ago received it & started to use it 3 days ago Today I ordered 4 more tubes This is the only potion that I could actually feel working on my skin & I can see modest improvement already This made a believer out of me & it's 100% safe and natural 5 STARS to you

    Aisling Namee

    - Germany
    It works and works fast. You need to buy it and even keep some just incase they run out of stock again.

    Uia Manapori Pats

    - Spain
    Everyone need this cream. It is a life saver.

    Pamala Harp Pam

    - Australia
    You can't go wrong with this cream. If you are reading this, buy as many as you can and you will thank yourself for doing so.

    Alain Bussier

    - United States of America
    Yes very good cream its a miracle

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